Episode 50

Keeping the Creative Spark Alive


December 11th, 2017

45 mins 41 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode of Art and Science Punks Kate and Rob discuss ways we each keep our creative sparks going. We start with exploring what happens when that spark goes dim and explore further ways each of us use to bring it back. Along the way, Kate puts forth a few theories about which Dragon Ball Z character Rob relates to most.

Kate and Rob also share an art pick and a science pick this week: one is about some mind boggling photography; the other is a way to play with doodling.

** Last but not least, an important announcement about the show: **
To make space for other projects Art and Science Punks is going on hiatus. It's been an amazing year and we appreciate you going on this adventure with us!

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